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University of Findlay Swimming and Diving

How the Lessons Work

Who We Are, What We Do
Andrew Makepeace, the current head coach of The University of Findlay’s Swimming and Diving team, organized Oiler Swim School (OSS) in 2012, and since its infancy, our goal has been to create a fun and safe environment for each student to learn new skills. Our focus here at OSS is the student’s experience. Swimming is a life skill and sport that can best be honed at a young age, and we pride ourselves in providing a program that will instill confidence in swimmers of all ages. Our positive environment encourages students to have fun while learning new skills, with the objective of becoming safe and strong swimmers. In the last three years, our enrollment has exceeded 1200 students and we are currently servicing over 100 families per week.

Why Oiler Swim School?
Small Classes
We take great pride is providing smaller class sizes to maximize productivity during lessons and allow students to have a greater sense of security. With more in-water time, participants are able to spend more time practicing skills!

Fun Lessons
Learning new skills are not a chore at Oiler Swim School, but rather, our instructors use a number of fun ways to teach (especially the younger ones) how fun swimming can be!

Designed For All Ages
From 2 year olds to 18 year olds, we are ready to teach anyone how to do a variety of things, from the basic techniques of swimming to the mastering strokes and turns.

Tracked Progress
During the first and last session, pre and post-testing is done to see how participants are progressing and how quickly they are moving in our 8 level programs.    

Year Round Operation
No need to get rusty during the fall and spring months! Here at OSS, we have lessons running 8 months out of the year, which allows swimmers to keep their swimming skills up-to-date.

How the Lessons Work
Each lesson runs for 30 minutes with 4-6 total sessions. There are two options as to the frequency in which you can complete your sessions:

Weekly Class – Once a week for 6 weeks
Bi-Weekly Class – Twice a week for 2-3 weeks

Should a class fall on a major holiday, we try to skip those days to prevent issues with those who may be unavailable to attend on those days. During the 30 minutes class, the swimmers will work with an instructor to learn new in-water skills.

With our 8 level program, student and/or parents are able to monitor the progress and understand what each swimmer has already achieved what they are working to achieve.

Level 1 – Blowfish
In this level, swimmers are introduced to kicking (on their back and front), blowing bubbles, floating, jumping into the pool, and how to maneuver in the water with the assistance of the instructor or other swimming aids.

Level 2 - Clownfish
In level 2, the first steps to proper breathing techniques are taught, floating is developed, strides toward independence in the water are encouraged, and backstroke kicking and front crawl are introduced.

Level 3 - Rainbow Fish
In level 3, swimmers will be encouraged to kick independently if they cannot already, pushing off the wall with their face in the water is taught, the front crawl is developed, freestyle is introduced, jumping into the pool unassisted and floating for short lengths of time is encouraged, and all other previous techniques will further be developed to aid long-term development.  

Level 4 – Stingray
In level 4, the freestyle stroke is developed by working on bilateral breathing and further refining the stroke by work on the general mechanics, swimming underwater is introduced along with backstroke arms, and past skills are reinforced.

Level 5 – Swordfish
In level 5, backstroke refinement and freestyle endurance are worked on and further fortified. Modified diving from a knee is introduced, along with the breastroke kick. Progressing the swimmers floating skills unassisted by executing for longer lengths of time is practiced and all previously taught skills are developed.

Level 6 – Whale
In level 6, while freestyle and backstroke are incorporated into the lessons, breakstroke with arms and the butterfly kick (dolphin kick) are introduced to the swimmer, along with track-style diving, treading water and flip turns.

Level 7 – Dolphin
In level 7, kicks for all strokes should be close to mastered, stamina for treading water is continued, the track-style dive is mastered, endurance is developed, breastroke mechanics and timing are worked on, and the flip turn refined.

Level 8 – Orca
In level 8, drills for each stroke are taught and swimmers work to swim all strokes repeated distances with minimal rest. A regular swim meet start is taught as well as open turns. Tempo training and speed drills are incorporated into the lesson and good technical and mechanical practices of all strokes are enforced.